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Manual Machining

Manual Machining is still a very viable, highly skilled, cost-effective solution for many jobs. For small, short order jobs such as a single machined part, it is much more efficient to simply manufacture it using manual machine tools rather than go through the process of programming a CNC machine. The downside to CNC machining can be the set up time which, for a short one-off job, can increase the time to complete and job cost.

At Monarch Engineering, we work to the highest standards in manual machining and general machine shop services. We appreciate our customers needs and will work with you to ensure jobs are done at the agreed time and to the agreed tolerances.

There is certainly an art to manual machining and we are proud to have such highly trained people who can carry out this type of work with accuracy, quality & productivity. All our manual machines are equipped with digital readouts and high precision measuring equipment that enables Monarch to produce a very high standard of workmanship.

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